Ft. Collins, CO – May 24, 2014: Realities Ride & Rally

Saturday, May 24, 2014 – Sunday, May 25, 2014

On May 26th, 2013 a rumble was heard in Northern Colorado. In response to a cry for help from local children suffering abuse or neglect, thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts rallied together…. and set a new world record in the process. Nearly 3,000 riders joined us on our annual poker run (1,531 of them qualified as World Record Riders) and helped us CRUSH the previous world record of 586 riders. Their efforts not only helped us make history- but helped us raise over $100,000 for Larimer County youth. Thanks to our generous event sponsors, 100% of the money raised will be placed directly into our Emergency Fund, which benefits the most vulnerable children in our community- those whose voices have been silenced by abuse and/or neglect.

Washington Park in Fort Collins is West of College Avenue on Laporte.
Fort Collins, CO 80526


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Working to get the Voices of the motorcycle community heard & its charitable Heart known by all. Please Follow and help save riders' lives.

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