It started with the kids….

As an eight-year volunteer at my local children’s hospital, I pulled a shift for the annual toy run conducted by a local H.O.G. Chapter. During the event, I had the honor of witnessing a heart-wrenching interaction between a sick little boy and a “biker dude”. What happened between those two “boys” brought me to tears. And in that tearful moment, God’s whisper said: “Your next book is on bikers”. I replied: “Okay!” (Who am I to argue?) 🙂

So, this book is dedicated to this motorcycle community’s charitable heart.

NOTE: You must know from the get go that I do not ride. I have been on the back of my ex’s bike, but that was some 30 years ago.

So, if you have the heart and stones to believe that an “outsider” can be a good person who just wants to help, please read on…

Simply put: I made a promise to the kids at the hospital that I would do my very best…for them…for you. And I am a woman of my word!

If you’d like to give a ‘leg up’ to this most worthy cause, please join thousands of riders (and non-riders) by giving a “LIKE” on the book’s Facebook Page. Here’s the link:


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